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Climate Anxiety - Is The World Coming To An End? (with Alan Hesse)

February 14, 2022 Alex Knott
Feed Me Serotonin
Climate Anxiety - Is The World Coming To An End? (with Alan Hesse)
Show Notes

In this latest episode, Alex interviews Alan Hesse. Alan is a conservation biologist who writes educational, fiction graphic novels that draw on his expertise and tell the story of climate change to inspire positive emotions. His books have reached the minds of many children in addition to many adults who have found his work incredibly empowering and insightful. Alan lays out some easy, actionable ways to reduce carbon footprint, in addition to commencing a discussion on the anxiety surrounding climate change and whether the world is really coming to an end.

Tune in to the discussion between Alex and Alan. Here’s what they talked about:

-       What is climate change (in a nutshell)?

-       Climate Anxiety – Media Attention, Individual Contribution, Honesty and Policy

-       Climate Optimism – Activism, FOMO, Herd Immunity

-       Looking to the future – what on earth can we do?


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